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    Starting Out (Regarding Characters)

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    Starting Out (Regarding Characters) Empty Starting Out (Regarding Characters)

    Post by Benjamin Sisko on Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:53 pm

    Regarding Canon Characters
    Canon Characters are given out on an availability basis, meaning, if they're open, they're free for anyone to register for them. If you want to play a canon character, go to the "REGISTRATION: Canon Characters" forum (in the office) and start a thread with the character's name as the title. Please do check availability first, before starting a thread for that character.

    If you are playing a canon character and have been inactive for 30 days straight, the character will be placed back into the available area for anyone to register for. If you return after the deadline and would like to continue using that character, and it has not been registered for yet, you may resume using that character immediately. It's first come, first served.

    Regarding Original (Non-Canon) Characters
    Original characters use avatars from stavatars[dot]com (substitute the [dot] for an actual dot). Original characters must have a backstory, including how they came aboard the station (usually to be determined). There is a similar registration forum for original characters as well: "REGISTRATION: Original Characters"

    Original characters sometimes start out as cadets (rank 1), and must go through Starfleet Academy (it's own section just for cadets and teachers) in order to earn a commission. If this is the case for yours, after Rank 4 is completed, a rank of Ensign is assigned and you will be given a post or position on DS9 in your chosen field of study (department).

    Original characters may also simply be 'crewmen', similar to Chief O'Brian, and will only advance in rank if they apply for transfer.

    In contrast, an original character may also occasionally be granted captain status, which would include their own command of a vessel. This applies to only original characters, and is good for both very active and even slightly active members. For example: A slightly active member (posting only every few weeks) could say that their character has had a long survey mission on the side, which could explain the long absences (will be approved on a per-player basis).

    Active Captains will be granted a ship (forum space) and missions of their own as well.

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