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    Corrin Ral Avent

    Corrin Ral Avent
    Corrin Ral Avent
    Rank 1 - Cadet
    Rank 1 - Cadet

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    Post by Corrin Ral Avent on Tue May 02, 2017 11:22 pm

    Name: Corrin Ral Avent (Corrin Avent)

    Race: Val Tek

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Height: 6' 2"

    Short Bio: Although his race looks nearly identical to the Trill, Corrin Avent's race is vastly different. He is a stubborn yet understanding person who takes no punishment laying down and always speaks his mind. His intelligence gets in the way of his ability to empathize with others at times, but nonetheless he can still form friendships with people. Since his race is vastly superior to most if not all of the races in the Milky Way Galaxy, he oftentimes looks down on people for not understanding certain things although because of this technological gap he usually finds himself in the same situations as everyone else so this quality has lessened over time and now only rarely does it occur.

    How They Came Aboard DS9: TBD.

    Desired Division: Command (needs to captain the Unity)

    3 Strengths: Vast technical knowledge, superior mental control and abilities, superior physical strength easily equaling that of a Klingon.

    3 Weakness: Vast technical knowledge, over confident and arrogant at times, knows how to use the federation's technology but doesn't entirely understand how it works.

    3 Likes: Terraforming, Bol Ent (spaghetti), and The NiBre'en (Terraforming group for the Veridon Galaxy)

    3 Dislikes: The Val Tek, Vor Yik (celery-like vegetable), and The Borg


    Your experience with forum RPG's, if any: Limited

    Your hopes for this forum, if any: That it grows and becomes something amazing

    How active do you think you'll be? (daily, weekly, monthly, etc): Weekly at least
    Benjamin Sisko
    Benjamin Sisko

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    Corrin Ral Avent Empty Re: Corrin Ral Avent

    Post by Benjamin Sisko on Tue May 02, 2017 11:52 pm

    Welcome aboard, Mr. Avent. Given your character's background, you'll be integrated in the first main story that occurs, which will take place soon after completion of the forum areas. You've been given the rank of Cadet, Rank 1, and will go through the academy after your character comes aboard in the story.

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