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    Current Timeline For The Forum Empty Current Timeline For The Forum

    Post by Benjamin Sisko on Tue May 02, 2017 11:39 pm

    The current timeline for the forum follows almost everything through DS9's actual story, with the exception of the ending and a few other small points. In this version, Dukat didn't go to the pah wraiths for power, and Sisko didn't have to sacrifice himself as a result. So both characters are or will be in play (Sisko is).

    Odo did go back to the great link, but he returned to the station after a few months as not only special security, but also as a diplomat between the founders and the federation.

    Also, there will be flashback stories for Jadzia/Ezri, so while the main character is currently Ezri, Jadzia will also be used for those flashback stories.

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