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    RULES (Read Before Registering)

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    RULES (Read Before Registering) Empty RULES (Read Before Registering)

    Post by Benjamin Sisko on Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:54 pm

    First, I'd like to say; Thank you for showing an interest in this RPG. I hope you enjoy what's to offer here. At the moment, it's a very small community, but I hope you will stick with us for a while, perhaps this RPG will grow into something bigger.

    After reading through these rules, you might want to head over to look at the "General Format" thread as well (also in the office), so you can familiarize yourself with how posts should be typed up.

    Also: When you register, make sure that the name you put in is your character's name. Please use proper punctuation and spacing as well.

    Furthermore: Guests cannot view all areas of the board, only members can see the majority of it.


    1. Please stay in character as much as possible. The only place you can go out of character on a regular basis is the general discussion area. If you must go out of character for any reason in any other area, please use a spoiler tag titled "OOC" like this: (Click to See)
    This is an Out Of Character (OOC) Comment. It only shows up when people click on it, this helps retain immersion.
    Using these helps to retain immersion for other Roleplayers, as well as separate the comment from the main game. If an out of character comment is not encased in a spoiler tag using the above specifications, you'll be reminded to do so after an admin or moderator edits the post to include it.

    2. Absolutely no flame wars. This is a zero tolerance policy. Violators will be banned.

    3. Users are expected to act civil to one another. If staff must break up a fight, we will, and it will be decisive. It's ok to disagree, it's ok to have a conversation and not see eye to eye, but being disrespectful is not ok.
    Please keep in mind that characters (not players, their characters) can fight with each other in certain circumstances. I want to make it clear: Character fights do not equate to user fights.

    4. When posting, please don't use any curse words that you wouldn't find on the show(s). Cursing is perfectly fine, but keep it restricted to the usual that was heard on tv. If it wasn't on screen, it doesn't belong here. Furthermore; keep the frequency of said words to a minimum-to-medium usage rate. They didn't curse every other sentence or word, either.

    5. No adult themes or material, ever. If there's a romance scene in the story you're doing, then you must use the 'fade-out' method. For example: Your character is on a date, and the date is coming to a close at their quarters. One invites the other in, and the door closes. That's where the cut/fade-out happens, and that's as far as it will go here as well. There need not be a lengthy post about the sudden change in scenery between characters, just a marker, such as 'later that day' if it's continuing with the same character's post, or if it's someone else posting, they could put something to the effect of 'meanwhile in ops' at the start of their post.

    These rules are subject to change over time.

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